Lindokuhle Jacqueline Sibanyoni (a.k.a. LEE-KHAY)

Second Daughter of the late Chris Sibanyoni the founder of Meropa Productions – “Inheritance” House Music Vocalist and songwriter inherited the sweet voice from her parents.

Lindokuhle Jacqueline Sibanyoni “LEE-KHAY” was born 16 September 1997 in Kwaggafontein “A”,

She started her school career at Sifikile Primary School in 2003, went to Mbuduma High School in Vaalbank Siyabuswa in 2009,  Lindokuhle was faced with a challenge of  language of communication, the community and educators are predominately Pedi speaking people, teachers were using Sepedi as the line of instruction in the class and she did not understand any word that resulted in her failing Grade 7, as a result she had lost confidence in herself and studies until her mother Ria Khabonina Skosana  intervened and supported her  to improve on her studies.

Lindokuhle started her singing career unconsciously in 2009, her late father saw talent in her and regularly invited her to his studio for rehearsal as he realised her singing capabilities,


Lindokuhle took inspiration from the Guitarist and dance group Skhalo, both her parents were artists “dancers, backup vocalists and guitarist” the group Skhalo that was popular back then and was managed by her late father together with Meropa Productions.

LEE-KHAY her first was single released in 2017 December titled: Imifula is available online for streaming and downloads “iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play store and Simfy”, music video will be live May 2018 and LEEKHAY is working on her album, which will be released June 2018.

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